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Expansive softness: Energy Mapping Boundaries /kurs

"Boundaries are self care in action. They really matter. How you feel about boundaries has a deep and direct impact on your life. So. How do you feel about boundaries in your heart of hearts? Uncomfortable, guilty, resentful? A mix of these three or some other feeling? The topic of boundaries is complex and challenging. With this course, I hope to guide you to deepen your understanding of your own energy & boundaries and support you to gain more capacity for the uncomfortable feelings that arise around boundaries.

Succinct and self-paced, this course guides you to gain clarity and ownership of your most precious resource; your energy. You’ll learn a simple process to dive deeper into your authentic needs and be supported with tools to curiously and compassionately create space for both the uncomfortableness and the empowerment of boundaries."


Min gode venninne Renathe, nå breathworklærer, coach, yinyogalærer og meditasjonslærer, holder kurs i grenser, følelser og energi.


Les mer om kurset og Renathe og Expansive Softness her:


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